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"Blast Clean" Steel Shot Blast Method

Our completely enclosed, centrifugal blast method powers through dust and dirt to the very edge of concrete slabs and collects everything for easy removal. This method is proven to be the most effective cleaning tool, which is necessary when coating and sealing your concrete flooring.

Concrete Diamond Grind & Polishing

Smoothing rough concrete is a necessary step in any refinishing process. Our concrete diamond grind and polish method works better than any other system to smooth and polish your concrete for a high shine and simplicity of maintenance. 

Integral Color Overlay

For a more ornamental or stylish flooring option, we offer our integral color overlay epoxy floor system (or self-leveling cement). The integral color overlay is a system of staining concrete into vivid, high-definition colors. Concrete can be stained topically or stained before you pour it. We use water-based (as opposed to acid-based) stains, which we buff to a fine mirror polish.

Decorative Saw Cuts

The intricacy you want to put into your flooring is entirely up to you. We have a variety of exciting options to make your floor completely unique and tailored to your individual tastes and style. We cut squares, diamonds, and other designs into your floor for a dazzling pattern that captures the eye from the moment someone enters the room.

Epoxy Floor Systems

Let us show you what our epoxy floor systems can do for you. Epoxy flooring may be decorative or plain, as well as non-slip, clear, or tinted. We even offer a complex and intricate mosaic pattern, mix colors to create something original just for you, or vinyl chip epoxy flooring. Vinyl chip epoxy flooring uses all kinds of chips to create dazzling designs with limitless possibilities to choose from.

Completed Projects and Services

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Saw Cuts, Concrete Flooring, Flooring Restoration in Hawthorne, NJ

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Decorative Saw Cuts

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Stained Concrete

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Polished Concrete

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